Douglas was unsure about work and his future until the University of Manchester Hospitality Academy took him in the right direction

Douglas, 51, Manchester.

Douglas was a Carer for a while before his patient passed away, so he was out of work for 15 months before securing the opportunity in the University Of Manchester as a Building Attendant, through the University of Manchester’s House Services Academy.

Dougie AdairAfter being made redundant and to fill a gap whilst keeping his skills active he volunteered at The  British Heart Foundation, but  also attended  The Works and saw a leaflet advertising the roles where he was immediately interested.

Douglas was nervous going on the training course, but commented that not only was he made to feel at ease but he met a lot of new people, and that he felt at 51 years old it has changed him and made him a lot more self-confident.

Douglas welcomed the opportunity and has commented that he feels he has found a great opportunity and would encourage others to go for it!

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