The University of Manchester – The University of Manchester has a rich and proud heritage dating back to 1824. We are the birthplace of many discoveries which have had a major impact on society including the development of the first modern computer, the splitting of the atom by Rutherford, and more recently, the discovery and development of Graphene. Twenty-five Nobel Laureates have worked at the University, with three currently on our staff. Our pioneering track record mirrors the proud heritage of our city which was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the suffragette movement and the worldwide cooperative movement. As a major employer, with an 11,000 strong workforce, and as such, is committed to working with local communities providing training and employment opportunities. The University established The Works in 2011 as part of its mission to contribute to sustainable communities.
Manchester Growth Company – Work with partners in the public, private, community and voluntary sectors to deliver services aimed at improving skills and employment opportunities for people across the North West of England. Since 2000 they have supported over 47,000 into work.

National Careers Service – Helps adults to get the advice they need for future skills, careers, work and life choices. We offer a range of information and advice to support people in making the right decisions on a range of learning and work opportunities.

Manchester Adult Education Service (MAES) – We aim to enable adults to improve their lives through first steps learning, helping them to secure and sustain jobs. The Service also supports the well-being of communities through learning for personal and social development. We try to reflect the cultural diversity of Manchester through our inclusive course provision, and want all of our learners to achieve their full potential, enjoy their learning, and gain national qualifications where appropriate.

Manchester Credit Union – Manchester Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial co-operative serving people who live or work in Manchester, Tameside, Trafford, Rochdale, Bury and the High Peak.
You might not have heard of credit unions before but in many parts of the world, including Ireland, the USA and New Zealand, they are very important and successful financial institutions.